I share this liturgical prayer from the Environment Programme of the Church of England and invite you use it as a tool for contemplation and gratitude. When you come to the refrain, "Remember the goodness of God," I encourage you to make a conscious effort to take the words seriously. Instead of just saying the words and moving onto the next line, here are a few suggestions on ways to live out the suggestion and "remember the goodness of God."

Most simply, pause after you say the words. Aloud, or in your thoughts, name those members of creation (people, places, nonhuman creatures) which help you remember how good God is.

Think of times, either one-time events or ongoing circumstances, in which you see either glints of God's goodness or panoramic views. Nothing is too small or too large to name.

If nothing comes to mind as you reach the line of the refrain, use your senses to take in what is around you, opening yourself to recognize the goodness of God wherever you are. Remember God's pronouncement over the created world, saying it was very good. From the physical, mental, and spiritual vantage point of this particular day, what examples can you find of God's goodness?

I find it helpful to write things down. If that would be helpful to you, write down words that remind you of God's goodness, or try writing a poem that reflects on an aspect of God's goodness. Alternatively, draw a simple (or complex) illustration of whatever comes into your mind.

However you approach the prayer, address it to God, using it as a tool to deepen your recognition of, and gratitude for, God's goodness.

Creator God
In bright light and dull darkness
In the energy of each day and the rest that comes with night
We remember the goodness of God

In the heavens high above our heads
In waters that run deep around the world
We remember the goodness of God

In solid land and flowing seas
In vivid flowers and fruit laden-trees
We remember the goodness of God

In the rising and setting of the sun
and the cycles of the seasons
In the patterns of the shining stars
We remember the goodness of God

In oceans teeming with fish
In skies filled with birds
We remember the goodness of God

In a world filled with animal life
And in ourselves as human beings
We remember the goodness of God

And God looked and saw all that he had made, and indeed it was very,
very good.
In rest and reflection, in wonder and worship
We remember the goodness of God.

from the Church of England, Environment Programme)

As you continue with your day, consider carrying the phrase "remember the goodness of God," with you, using it as a prompt to stop and notice the signs of God's goodness around you throughout the day. Are there others who could join you in this prayer, reminding each other of the goodness of God? Are there more lines you would choose to add to this prayer?

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