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This is an online newsletter for followers of Jesus who love God and the world that God has made, who look in awe and wonder at distant galaxies, microscopic particles, and everything in between, who recognize the strands that connect all things in a wondrous Web of Being, and who are concerned with the ways we are pulling those strands apart.

This is a resource for those who want to pursue the ecological discipleship needed in an age of ecological crisis, who want to practice an integrated faith that sees the connections between soil care and soul care, renewable energy and racial justice, evangelism and ecosystems, child poverty and climate change. This is for those who want to help bring renewal to people and planet.

This is a community for those who are “learning to follow Jesus from the ground up.” As writers, we are your guides and fellow learners - we are excited to share the journey with you!

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We publish two posts each week. On Mondays, I publish "The WAY Forward," which explores what it means to be an ecological disciple. On Thursdays, my co-conspirator, Louise Conner, publishes "The Art of Creation," which looks at the artistry inherent in creation and the view of that artistry through the lens of human art. As we grow, we will bring on additional writers and include occasional posts focused on reader comments and questions, current events, and whatever else we discover will be helpful to you.

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Louise Conner, Editor