We are three shifts into our current writing series, and I’m wondering what you think. Here’s what we have covered so far:

Shift # 1: A New Cosmology: From static backdrop to dynamic creation. We highlighted three modes of creation:

  • Originating – when God began creating “the heavens and the earth.”
  • Continuing – God’s continued activity of creating, sustaining, and moving toward fulfillment in Jesus.
  • Completing – When God will fulfill the purpose of creation and unite heaven and earth in a “new creation”

Shift #2: A Bigger Story: From human-centered to all creation. We looked at the need to see the Bible’s big story in it fullness – bringing together the personal, social, ecological, and cosmic dimensions of the gospel into a beautiful whole.

Shift #3: A More Humane Humanity: From independent masters to interdependent servants. We explored the changes that come from shifting our self-understanding from being apart from and above creation to being a part of and in solidarity with all that God has made.

Are you making the shift?

What do you think about these shifts? Here are four prompts to consider:

  1. Which of the three shifts resonates with you? Why?
  2. Which shift do you struggle with? Is there something I wrote that you disagree with?
  3. What is not yet clear to you?
  4. Where do you see these shifts happening in you? In your family, church, or community?

Would you pick one or two of these questions and share your thoughts? You can  email me directly at james.amadon@circlewood.online, or post in the comments.

I have already started collecting thoughts and questions for a “Members Mailbag” post that will go out after we finish with the seven shifts. I would love to add what you have to say.

Thanks for being part of The Ecological Disciple community. Let’s keep growing together.

With you on the Way,


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